Altar of Hagia Sophia

As one of the significant components of the conventional mosque design, Altar is a recessed section in mosques, supplication rooms, and outside petition zones which is higher than environment and looked to the course of Mecca that imam having a network behind him remains before it amid petition. Footstool Sultans made a few fixes and augmentations to the special raised area in the southeast of the principle spot of the customary Hagia Sophia Museum.

Altar of the Hagia Sophia redesigned in the nineteenth century is a marble model having a polygonal niche enhanced with an enriching figure of the sun and stars secured by a half-domed work. A lot of gilts are utilized in Altar enclosed by a wide fringe brightened with acanthus leafs with tangled branches and it has a monumental top stone.

The candelabras are places at the two sides of Altar brought from the court church of the Hungarian King Matthias I by the Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha amid the success of Buda by the Hungary keep running in the period of Suleiman the Magnificent.

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