The dividers of Hagia Sophia confronted the danger of developing outside both in East-Roman and Ottoman periods in view of the heaviness of its vault.

The weight of the principle arch on different bearings had been attempted to be met by the half arches stretched out with exedras at east and west, the segments of parallel naves, arcades and cross vaults interfacing with these one another; anyway these were not adequate. First East-Romans, at that point Ottomans had avoided the weight of arch by structure outside braces. Draftsman Sinan had strengthened the spaces among evaluations and parallel dividers by curves so as to take care of this issue; besides he had bolstered the structure by structure overwhelming support dividers. Plus, the supporting dividers of East-Roman period had been re-manufactured and taken in stone assurances. There are 24 supports in Hagia Sophia. Some of them have a place with East-Roman period, some of them have a place with Ottoman period and the others have a place with both East-Roman and Ottoman Empires. 7 of these supports are at east, 4 of them at south, 4 of them at north, and 5 of them at west. The rest of the 4 of are supporting the structure as weight towers.

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