hagia sophia fountain

Hagia Sophia Fountain worked by Sultan Mahmud I (1730 – 1754) in 1740 is a magnum opus of Ottoman Architecture and one of the biggest and most delightful wellsprings in Istanbul. It is secured by a vault and an eave mounted on eight sections with muqarnas headings and eight curves. On the vault, there are a bronze tulip sacred text of “Allah” composed via cutting in stack on top and a mirror sacred writing of “Muhammed” beneath and an “eulogium” on the upper and inward piece of marble arcade. Hagia Sophia Fountain has 16 cuts and each cut have bronze taps in the center. There are tulip-shape bronze standards containing the sacred text of “We have made everything from water” on the upper piece of the joining segment of cut bronze water mains over the taps.


Hagia Sophia Fountain Hagia Sophia Fountain Hagia Sophia Fountain


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