One of the surviving 29 timing rooms worked in Ottoman period – out of 38 altogether – for giving supplication time to open is in Hagia Sophia. The structure had been worked by Fossatti Brothers in 1853 who figured out how to fix Hagia Sophia in the time of Sultan Abdülmecid (1839 – 1861). It is a standout amongst the most heavenly structures among its sort of timing rooms.

The structure has a square design and fit dividers made of face stone. The passageway is on the north façade. There is a round table made of solid marble with marble legs amidst the planning room. The windows are figured out how to vast all together have the clock set over the table for pendulum alteration and different tickers inside noticeable for everyone outside.

A portion of the legged enormous checks situated in the planning room amid mosque period are protected in the capacity of the exhibition hall. The structure is as of now utilized as a Museum Office.

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