There is a column with a hole in the center secured by bronze plates at the northwest of the structure which was likewise named as the sweating section or the wishing segment. In certain references, it is shown that this segment had turned out to be honored at the appointed time among network. Gossipy tidbits showed up in East-Roman period that it healingly affected people. The legend has it that, Emperor Justinian meandering in the structure with a serious cerebral pain inclined his head to this section and sooner or later he understood that the migraine was no more. This story had been heard among people in general and the talk with respect to the recuperating impact of the section got around. Henceforth, individuals trusted that they would show signs of improvement in the event that they put their fingers into that gap on the segment and, at that point rub them to where malady is felt. As indicated by another legend, this wetness is portrayed as the tear of Virgin Mary.

With respect to the Ottoman time frame, when the Hagia Sophia was changed into a mosque, Fatih Sultan Mehmed and his entourage prostrated themselves for the principal friday supplication by the imamate of Master Akşemseddin, nonetheless, they had regardless of have the capacity to begin the petition, since the heading of the structure was not looked to Kaaba. There is gossip that, Deus Ex Machina seemed exactly right then and there and attempted to turn the structure to confront Kaaba, however he was seen by a resident, so he needed to vanish without having the capacity to turn the mosque. With respect to today, individuals make their desires by pivoting their thumb a total clockwise visit inside the gap.


Wish Column


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