Situated in the inward narthex, on the Southern vestibule entryway is one of Hagia Sophia’s most unmistakable figured mosaics. This mosaic was found amid the fix procedure that Fossati held in 1849. The base of the symmetrical mosaic board is made out of gold leafs, and highlights Virgin Mary on a revealing honored position with the words METER and THEOU, a contraction expressing ‘God Bearer’, engraved on the two sides. On Mary’s lap is child jesus. To her left side is the maker of the city, Emperor Konstantinos I, holding a maquette delegate of Istanbul. In favor of Emperor Konstantinos composed vertically in intense blue letters in Greek are the words ‘Among the Saints is Great Emperor Konstantinos’. To one side of Mary is Emperor Justinianos giving them a maquette of Hagia Sophia. Alongside this figure, are the words ‘Well known Emperor Justinianos’ composed vertically in intense blue letters.The maquettes introduced to Virgin Mary by Emperor Konstantinos and Emperor Justianianos depicts the job of ‘defender’ Virgin Mary holds towards the congregation and the city. The mosaic board goes back to the tenth century.

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